About FTM


Hello there!

Thanks for coming to check out our home on the internet here at this website. We’re very happy to have you onboard with us.

On this website, you’ll find out information about how we got started in this business. Read on down below to find out all about it.

Our History


Our founder, Bert, was not necessarily the lumberjack that many perceive him to be today. Originally, we was working in Montana getting his Ph. D in forestry. While working on his thesis, he began to deal a lot with cutting trees. As the professorial academic field is extremely competitive and often unsatisfying, Bert decided to make a career change into the landscaping industry. Not exactly what he intended, but in retrospect, he’s very happy that he made that move.

The takeoff

Once Bert was in landscaping, he decided to use his experience with trees and start an arbor care service. Originally, Bert’s service started very small time with just a few tree jobs a week. After taking some tree cutting classes and getting together a team of some local arborists, Family Tree Movie was up and running.

Then and Now

Originally, FTM was a very small company. Today, we’re still a small company but have grown considerably since our conception.

We’re excited at the prospect of expanding and growing as a company and want to work with even more customers than we do already. We hope that you decide to join our network of extremely satisfied customers!